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Cooking Classes

Join our culinary classes and master the art of making:

- G
ỏi cuốn spring rolls with special dipping sauce by Chef Nikki Tran from Kậu Ba
- Marinatin
g BBQ pork for bánh mì thịt nướng sandwiches with Mời Vietnamese Grill
- Crafting bánh dẻo snow skin mooncakes and bánh
tráng kẹo mạch nha

Learn from skilled chefs in 30-45-minute sessions. You'll be given the recipes to recreate these delicious dishes in your own kitchen.

Registration is now closed.

NOTE: Registration fee does not cover general admission. 

Sponsored by Kậu Ba Restaurant, Mời Vietnamese Grill, and Hủ Tiếu Gõ Hòa Mập
Blind Boba Tasting Contest 

Are you a boba lover? It's time to put your boba drinking skills to the test and compete for the ultimate title of Boba Connoisseur! Think you can guess them all? Join the challenge today to prove your boba expertise!

Must be ages 18 or older to compete.

Registration is now closed.

Sponsored by Bobo Tea
Viet Trivia (Đố Vui Để Học)

Attention all teachers, parents, and guardians of Vietnamese language school students in Houston! Get your child ready to shine in the ultimate Vietnamese trivia competition. Students will compete for cash prizes in their age group and a shot at the grand prize. Register now!

Open to ages 8-18.

Registration is now closed.

The application deadline is Sunday, September 10th.
Vietnamese Trivia (1).png
Miss Teen VCF Pageant

Join us for the Miss Teen Viet Cultural Fest Pageant, a Vietnamese American scholarship program featured at our event. This pageant celebrates the cultural pride, grace, and eloquence of young Vietnamese Americans. Contestants will be judged in three categories: evening gown, áo dài of their choice, and interview. The question remains, who will be crowned the next Miss Teen Viet Cultural Fest 2023?

Vote for your favorite Miss People's Choice Award contestant NOW! 

Voting is now closed.

Registration is now closed.

The application deadline is Saturday, July 22nd.
Phở Eating Contest

Phở, the quintessential dish of Viet Nam, is a noodle soup consisting of a bone broth, rice noodles called bánh phở, herbs, and meat, primarily made with beef (phở bò) or chicken (phở gà).

Get ready for the ultimate Phở showdown! Contestants will race to devour a bowl o
f Phở in record time. Are you up for the challenge? On your mark, get set, slurp!


1st place - $200
2nd place - $100
3rd place - $50

Must be ages 18 or older to compete. 

Registration is now closed.

Sponsored by Kim Son Restaurant and Mama La's Kitchen
Traditional Chess (Cờ Tướng)

Cờ Tướng, a traditional chess game often enjoyed by older generations in Viet Nam, has evolved into a popular pastime that now captivates people of all ages. Get ready for an exhilarating double elimination tournament, where contestants will battle it out for cash prizes!

1st place - $400

2nd place - $300
3rd place - $200

Best youngest player: $50
Best oldest player: $50

Open to all ages.

On-site registration is available from 9 to 10 a.m.
Vietnamese Trivia.png
Art Contest

Submit your art for a chance to showcase it at our event. Check eligibility, rules, and how to submit below. All artists get two complimentary tickets. Email for questions.

We'll help prepare your pieces for display. Bring your art to the VCSA Center (6689 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Suite 303, 77072) on
September 1st, 2nd, or 3rd from 4 to 7 p.m.

Open to ages 6+ and all skill levels. Arti
sts 18+ can submit up to two more pieces for display and sale, but only one will be judged. Indicate this on the form.


Submissions are now closed.

Sponsored by Michael Dao, CPA
Miss teen poster-1.png
Children's Traditional Dress

The Áo Dài is the Vietnamese national garment, worn by people of all ages, including men, women, and children. The children's traditional dress contest (cuộc thi quốc phục) provides an opportunity for children to shine on stage in their cultural attire and compete for prizes.

Registration is now closed.

The application deadline is Saturday, August 12th.
Cooking Classes
Pho Eating
Blind Boba
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