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The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association is proud to present Viet Cultural Fest, a single day, cultural festival aimed to preserve and further promote the beauty of the Vietnamese culture to the mainstream community and establish an annual tradition attracting people from all cultures, backgrounds, and ages in Houston and its vicinities while celebrating the vibrant, rich diversity of Houston. This youth-led initiative is designed as a celebration of the Vietnamese culture in the spirit of sharing it with the greater Houston community additionally allowing for cross-community collaborations as well as collaborations with different organizations across the city.

Viet Cultural Fest will be featuring the food cuisine of Vietnam’s three regions: north, central, and south through cultural exhibitions. The festival’s theme is called Taste of Vietnam, with a program featuring a children’s national costume contest, a teen pageant, a Phở eating contest, cultural games, and other various tournaments and contests. In addition to showcasing local and national Vietnamese-owned businesses and restaurants, we will also provide community services throughout the festival, including a free health fair, legal consultations, and more. Viet Cultural Fest will be a fun-filled day for families to immerse in the richness of the Vietnamese culture, expecting to draw in 7,000-8,000 attendees.

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